Pilota MSH Tamas Levardi

I was born in 1984

I live in the United Kingdom,originally I’m from Hungary.
I started the RC hobby, with flying helicopters, 3 years ago.

I was flying only MSH helis for the last 2 years.
MSH draw new lines for the limits of the RC helicopters,
and with the Protos, I’m able to get to the next level with each flight.

The unique one-belt system of the Protos let me use high pirouetting speed on the tail, and because of the high quality manufactured parts, I
can always rely on my helicopters, through the hardest smackdown, and through low headspeed precise flights.

For me,it is the greatest honor, to be a part of the MSH team

Tamas Levardi

MSHeli Srl








Ultimo arrivato nel team MSHeli - Tamas Levardi-

Vive a Bristol (United Kingdom), attento a ogni dettaglio volo incredibile vedremo quali emozioni ci saprà regalare !!

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